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Increase your fertility in 4 months, without painful injections or invasive procedures

the brilliant fertility program


Whether you're just starting out on your fertility journey or you've already experienced loss, failed IUI or IVF, you're in the right place. If you've been feeling stuck, paralyzed, panicked or confused about
what the next steps should be, this program is for you.




You feel isolated from friends and family and have started avoiding situations to avoid feeling triggered





An intimate group program  designed to remove the blocks to getting pregnant, without invasive or painful fertility treatments.

With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Katie Rose- naturopathic physician, fertility coach & hypnosis practitioner - understands the vital connection of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The B.F.P. is where Science meets Soul when it comes to fertility support.  

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ready for support?

...I decided to enroll in Dr. Rose’s fertility program, and it was through that and my one on one work with Dr. Rose that my hope was restored and I started to believe I could defy the odds. Without the support and persistence of Dr. Rose, I wouldn’t be sitting here rocking my baby girl to sleep.” 

"After 6+ years of trying to conceive and being told I had a 2 percent chance of getting pregnant I had all but lost hope...


...and were gearing up for our 3rd attempt and wanted to leave no stone unturned. Dr. Rose exceeded ALL of my hopes and expectations! ...I remember reading that on average Dr. Rose's patients became pregnant after seven months of working with her, and I remember thinking that would not be me- my husband and I had become very used to disappointment. As it turns out, I was pregnant within 5 months, after two and a half years of trying with medical interventions. I know that this miracle is in large part thanks to her help." 

"My husband and I had been through 2 failed IVF attempts..."


“Receiving care from Dr. Rose has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. Without her, we would not have our incredible son, Carsten. When traditional fertility doctors fell short, Dr. Rose uncovered a path to fertility for our family. She is the most dedicated, caring and thorough provider. If ever there is an opportunity to refer to Dr. Rose, I jump on the chance. She is an anomaly and gift to the healthcare field.”

"When traditional fertility doctors fell short, Dr. Rose uncovered a path to fertility for our family."


what students are saying


you aren’t ready to take responsibility for your physical and mental health

you refuse to invest in your health and future

you are not 100 percent committed to your health

you are looking for quick fixes and magic bullets to get pregnant


You want a transformation when it comes to health and well being

You want to restore faith in your body’s ability to conceive

you've been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, recurrent pregnancy loss or unexplained infertility

You & Your partner are 100 percent committed to your health

you're hoping to conceive within the next 1-2 years


is THE B.F.P. A perfect match?

who would you be, and how would you act as the most fertile version of yourself? 

The strategy of the B.F.P. is not just in the "doing". In fact, many of our clients have "done it all" with no results before entering the program. When we refocus on who you are BECOMING...helping you step into the identity of the fertile mother you are meant to me, the doing part gets a lot simpler and easier. 

Ready to be one of our B.f.p. success stories?

Members have seen results in just 1 month

are you ready to improve health physically-emotionally-mentally and spiritually? 

Fertility follows health.

Expect to notice better sleep, energy, digestion & Healthier menstrual cycles in as little as one month when following BFP Strategies

Let us show you what you'll have access to in the Brilliant Fertility Program once you become a member. In addition to 12 coaching calls with Dr. Katie Rose, you'll have lifetime access to the online learning center...

It's vital we learn how your cycle works and if and when you're ovulating. In this module, you'll learn the Fertility Awareness Method and how to apply it to your cycle. We also need to set the foundation for a resilient mindset and this starts ASAP

cycle Charting & Mindset


In this module we cover anatomy, physiology & hormones involved in fertility. I teach you about comprehensive fertility labs (there's more to this than AMH and FSH!!!) as well as optimal lab values. Finally, I teach you about the root causes of unexplained infertility & recurrent pregnancy loss and common diagnosis like Hashimotos, PCOS and endometriosis 

Fertility Labs & Root Causes of Infertility


Food and movement DO matter when it comes to fertility- there's an abundance of research to support this. With all the conflicting information out there, it's crucial that you know what YOU and YOUR BODY need. And it doesn't mean eat less & exercise more, or to restrict all the foods you love and never do a HIIT workout again. 

Nutrition & Exercise to supercharge Fertility 


Ready for your best sleep ever? Gone will be the days of sleepless, anxious nights spent googling and having your thoughts run a hundred miles an hour. In module 4, you'll discover exactly how to get the best sleep of your life, and while doing so, creating happier hormones and improving fertility 

Sleep & Circadian Rhythm


Did you know that what you put in your body and on your body can disrupt hormones and have a negative impact on egg and sperm quality? In module 5,  I'll teach you how to make simple swaps to heal your hormones and improve egg and sperm quality.  We'll also discuss whether detoxification is necessary, and how to "detox" safely and effectively.

Ditch Toxins & Detox


Before you go spending $400 a month on every designer supplement someone pushes on TikTok, you need to know what YOUR body needs. I'll share the research on what ACTUALLY improves egg and sperm quality, as well as the necessary dosing strategies. We cover research on supplements for egg quality, advanced maternal age, Hashimoto's, PCOS, endometriosis. You'll also have access to the highest quality supplements for 20% off. 

The Truth about Supplements


Self care is way more than massages and yoga. A regulated nervous system is a corner stone of having a regulated menstrual cycle and a body that feels safe to receive pregnancy. Setting boundaries, being honest with yourself, and learning the resources to come home to yourself are woven throughout the course and emphasized in module seven to give you a deep sense of peace and empowerment. 

Self Care for Fertility

MODULE seven

The impact of gut health on fertility is highly underrated in mainstream medicine. The role of the gut includes absorbing nutrients, regulating the immune system, detoxifying toxins and hormones, and neurotransmitters. We actually have more cells of bacteria in the large intestine, than we have our own cells in our entire body! This module will teach you how to optimize your gut and microbiome health in oder to optimize fertility. This module is a must for anyone with history of IBS, constipation & bloat 

Healthy gut= better fertility 

MODULE eight

Acupuncture, Feng Shui, Yoga, Crystals...there's so much out there to explore. But what does the research say? Learn what modalities have real data backing them vs ones that may just be for fun. (Spoiler alert, acupuncture has great research on positive fertility outcomes and this module has an acupressure guide so you can support yourself from the comfort of home)

Totally Woo-woo or totally for you? 


Did you know the inside of the uterus is NOT sterile? In fact, the presence of certain microbes in the endometrial lining can either support or hinder implantation. This module is particularly important for those who've experienced recurrent UTIs, Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast infections, chemical pregnancies, or recurrent pregnancy loss.  

The Reproductive Microbiome


Fertility struggles take a toll on relationships. You're not alone if you've felt like the spark between you and your partner is flailing. Module 11 addresses this head on, because your love for each other matters! Between the pressure of timing sex perfectly to the differences in processing emotions, we want to ensure you have the communication and tools to thrive as a couple while trying to conceive. 

Restoring Intimacy


Assisted Reproductive Technology is truly miraculous. If this is is part of your path, we want to ensure that you know what questions to ask, what to expect, and how to be supported during ART treatments. Everything you've taken from Modules 1-11 and the Bonus Modules will give you a foundation to increase your chances of a successful IUI or IVF experience. 

The ART of A.R.T.


BONUS #2: REWRITE YOUR STORY, a program to Rewire Your Brain for success

BONUS #1:Making Healthy sperm

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BONUS #3: EFT Tapping & Meditation Vault

Stop wasting time and money on supplements that may not be supporting your unique needs. Avoid expensive treatments-  or-  Build a foundation to increase the chances of fertility treatments like IVF working the FIRST TIME. 

save time and money


Feel more connected to yourself and your intuition, your partner, and your community. Feel genuine calm, peace and relaxation more often and more easily



With the Brilliant Fertility Program you Will...

With an expert eye on your labs, cycles, history and lived experience, Dr. Katie Rose will  guide you every step of this journey. You weren't meant to do this alone. You deserve answers and the best support available. 

have hands-on support


The effects of improving nutrition, eliminating toxins, and clearing trauma go beyond you and your health. The ripple effects are not only seen in your relationships & career but can also change the expression of your DNA for at least 2 generations. Meaning your children AND your grandchilden will be healthier because of the strategies in the B.F.P. 

Improve health for you and your future children 


success stories

- Amy m.

"I thought I was doing everything already and was initially hesitant to join this program. In the end I learned SO MUCH, was able to cut back on some of the things I was obsessing over and had amazing support during what was otherwise a really hectic time. It was definitely a worthwhile investment. 2 months after the program ended we got our BFP and everything looks healthy so far" -

- Courtney g.

"Dr. Katie Rose found me stressed, sick, and grieving from the loss of my first baby. Not only did she change my health but she helped me conceive my beautiful, healthy, baby boy! Dr. Rose is incredibly thorough...and put me at ease when I was terrified about my health and my miscarriage. I seriously do not know where I would be in my life without her guidance, encouragement, and patience." 


Write about your testimonials right here. Let your imagination be your guide. Let all these little things happen. Don't fight them. Learn to use them.

"another offer review can go here"


Write about your testimonials right here. Let your imagination be your guide. Let all these little things happen. Don't fight them. Learn to use them. 

"another offer review can go here"

I realize you may have spent a small fortune on fertility treatments so far. It sucks that IVF clinics aren't referring people immediately for holistic support and I'm here to change that. 

Or you may be thinking "hey, if I can piece together everything I need from books and blogs, this stuff isn't worth spending money on."

I hear you on that.

I also see day in-day out- couples who will save tens of thousands of dollars in the long run because they decided to put their physical and mental health first while addressing any potential root causes of infertility.

By making an investment in yourself, you are better prepared for the journey that is to come and you body responds more successfully to fertility treatments should you need it.

You'll have more physical and mental energy entering into parenthood, and these benefits will extend to your children and even their children. 

It's a win-win. 

*IUI success rates:
10-20% per round in women under 35, 
7-9% in women 35-40, 
1-4% in women 40+ 

** IVF Success rates:
55% in women under 35
40 % in women 35-37
27% in women 38-40
7% in women over 40

(source: SART-Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology 

Live Birth Rate For Brilliant Fertility Program Graduates: 66% within 1 yr of graduation, 85% within 2 yrs of graduation (2020-2024)

total value:


20% off physician grade supplements ($300 value) 

And if it saves you from needing to pursue IVF, we could value this program at over 25,000 

Lifetime Access to the BOnuses ($1000 value) 

lifetime access to the online education portal and any future upgrades ($2000 value)

4 month access to the whatsapp members only community ($1000 value) 

12 Live Coaching calls with Dr. Katie Rose ($6000 value)

the most valuable Part of your fertility care team

Freedom to space out your investment

4 installments x $811

Monthly installments 

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Best value 


One-Time Installment

which story are you most inspired by?

Hey there! I'm Dr. Katie Rose, licensed naturopathic physician, certified hypnosis practitioner and fertility puzzle solver.

After coming off birth control at 26 and not getting a period for 6 months at a time, I was given the option to "go back on birth control or stop worrying about it." But I knew I wanted to get pregnant in the future.

So I took my fertility into my own hands and developed a system to help my body feel safe to conceive naturally (not once but twice!). 

For the last decade I've used this system to help hundreds of couples defy the odds and finally get pregnant.

About Dr. Katie Rose

There’s still a lot more to the picture here that can be supported through nutrition & lifestyle that can improve the chances of a successful IVF cycle. Egg and sperm quality, the quality of the endometrial lining, stress levels during IVF and many other factors can impact the outcome. The B.F.P. can provide you with tools to approach any upcoming treatments.

This is a concern  that many of our members come in with and in general people diagnosed with infertility have struggled with- you are not alone here! By gathering the tools to support your body physically AND learn how to overcome limiting beliefs, you will be opening yourself up to new possibilities. But don't just take it from us, take it from our members and read through the testimonials and watch the videos above. 

This program is non refundable, as is industry standard with many programs containing downloadable content and live coaching. If you are having trouble keeping up with the calls or content or aren’t satisfied for some reason, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you have an optimal experience. If making this investment causes financial strain and hardship, then this program may not be a good fit at this time. If you're someone who approaches your health and fertility with a wishy-washy attitude, then this program is not right for you. 

If you're concerned about not being able to attend live, please watch the interview with Kaitlin G above :)

At this time we meet on Tuesday afternoons, usually at 12:30 PST/1:30 pm MST/ 2:30 pm CST/ 3:30 pm EST

Guest Expert calls are typically scheduled 1 month in advance and may be held on an evening or weekend. 

Call times are subject to change, however we do out best to give 1 month's notice for time changes. 

If a participant cannot make a call, it is highly recommended that they fill out the weekly question submission form with as much detail as possible and the answer to their question will be recorded on the live call. 

I was told I have blocked tubes and have to go through IVF either way to conceive, would the B.F.P be able to help?

What if nothing ever works for me? 

What if I need a refund?

What is the current call schedule? 

Weekly calls are 1 hour and modules are drip fed weekly with about 1 hour of content each. How you implement the action steps will also determined how much time you spend each week. But remember, the time spent in this is also an investment- in better health, better egg quality, better connection with your partner, and a better outlook on life & the fertility journey. AND you'll be spending FAR less time on google and social media- how much energy will this free up for you? 

Absolutely! This is the ultimate in being proactive! Most people who have been trying for months to years come away from this program wishing they had known this information well before they had started trying.

How much time would I need to devote each week?

My partner and I are thinking about trying to conceive next year and want to be proactive about our fertility. Would the B.F.P. be a good approach?

Absolutely. Again, no guarantees on outcomes, but this program will guide you on underlying factors that may need to be investigated, help you advocate for yourself, and fully nourish you in mind/body/soul.

I’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, can this program help me?

It would be totally unethical to make this guarantee. If you participate to the best of your abilities in the calls and action steps, I can guarantee you’ll have an amazing experience and come away feeling more empowered and confident about your fertility than when you came in. Given our client live birth rates over the last 4 yrs (66% within 1 yr, 85% within 2 yrs) our data shows a high chance of success! 

Can you guarantee I’ll get pregnant with this program?

Frequently Asked Questions