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Discounts on professional grade supplements. I believe there is a time and place for certain supplements, and quality over quantity is the name of the game. Now is the time to give your body the best of the best when it comes to supplement quality

Bonus Three

The EFT Tapping & Meditation Vault. With access to over 60 recordings designed specifically for people who are on the TTC journey, you'll be able to accelerate your emotional healing, chill your stress response and feel like a motherf*cking fertile goddesss

Bonus Two

Printable Guides: the most important fertility lab tests, safe preconception detoxification, non-toxic beauty & cleaning swaps and all my favorite supplements (and what I use with my patients for situations like Hashimotos, PCOS and endometriosis)

Bonus One

The Bonuses

12 Live Group Coaching Calls to address your most urgent fertility questions, review your cycle charts and help you align your actions to be your most fertile self
Access to the Members Only Facebook & WhatsApp groups so you can connect with and get support from people who know exactly what you're going through.

Lifetime access to the BFP online curriculum and all future upgrades. 

Our 4 Months Together
Will Include: 

A 4 month fertility coaching program that allows you to remove the blocks to getting pregnant, without invasive or painful fertility treatments 


Learn how to integrate the simple, proven practices that resonate most deeply for you so you can transform your beliefs, soothe your soul and optimize hormones & egg quality in way that feels completely aligned.

Learn how to approach your fertility journey from an intuitive place where you feel WHOLE and LOVED exactly as you are.

Learn what it means to feel fertile and HOW to BE FERTILE



In this phase, the aim is to help the body feel safe on all levels. Ultimately if we are lacking in physical, emotional or spiritual health, the body may feel it's not the best time to get pregnant!

Physical: Apply proven nutritional, supplement and exercise protocols to optimize egg (and sperm!) quality

Emotional: gather and implement the tools to dissolve stress,  release the blocks, restore hope and regain confidence that you CAN get pregnant

Spiritual: learn how to connect deeply with your intuition & highest self

The Reproductive Safety Arc


Discover YOUR root causes of hormonal imbalance & fertility issues

Ensure you're getting the right tests done for YOU & understand exactly what they mean

Learn about your cycle, how to identify your fertile window and where your cycle needs the most support

Uncover limiting beliefs & emotional blocks 


Uncovering Unseen Blocks

What You'll Learn 

✔ You are sick and tired of FEELING FRUSTRATED and ANXIOUS about not getting pregnant

✔ You want to feel EMPOWERED on your fertility journey 

✔ You're so ready to FEEL CONFIDENT in your body & the Universe's PLAN


Baby Walker

"It is absolutely and abundantly clear that helping families on their fertility journeys is Dr. Rose's passion. She cares so deeply about her patients, and it is obvious when working with her. She is eager to problem solve with you, try again and again, and listen to you through your tears. Dr. Rose has always taken extra time to understand what we were going through and pays close attention to the physical and emotional elements of our experience, recognizing and honoring the importance of each as well as the relationship between them. She is the warmest, kindest and most compassionate practitioner we have ever worked with, no question. She ran tests on me that no doctor ever had, and in the process discovered my Hashimoto's disease and helped move the needle on some of my non-fertility health challenges as well. Dr. Rose values her patients immensely and respects their individual journeys and preferences - she is very willing to meet you where you're at and work with your values. If you are a vegan, or you want to work on your chakras, or you want a collaborating practitioner to your reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Rose values your stance and thoughts about your fertility journey. Dr. Rose's work with us was a massive and unmistakable contributing factor in our ability to have our perfect baby boy who we waited so long for!!!" ~The Walker Family

...I decided to enroll in Dr. Rose’s fertility program, and it was through that and my one on one work with Dr. Rose that my hope was restored and I started to believe I could defy the odds. Without the support and persistence of Dr. Rose, I wouldn’t be sitting here rocking my baby girl to sleep.” - Rachel G. 

“After 6+ years of trying to conceive and being told I had a 2% chance of getting pregnant I had all but lost hope...

Rachel & Baby M

...and were gearing up for our 3rd attempt and wanted to leave no stone unturned. Dr. Rose exceeded ALL of my hopes and expectations! ...I remember reading that on average Dr. Rose's patients became pregnant after seven months of working with her, and I remember thinking that would not be me- my husband and I had become very used to disappointment. As it turns out, I was pregnant within 5 months, after two and a half years of trying with medical interventions. I know that this miracle is in large part thanks to her help." - Sarah P. 

"My husband and I had been through 2 failed IVF attempts..."

Dr. Rose getting to hold baby M for the first time!

“Receiving care from Dr. Rose has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. Without her, we would not have our incredible son, Carsten. When traditional fertility doctors fell short, Dr. Rose uncovered a path to fertility for our family. She is the most dedicated, caring and thorough provider. If ever there is an opportunity to refer to Dr. Rose, I jump on the chance. She is an anomaly and gift to the healthcare field.” ~Kayla F. 

"When traditional fertility doctors fell short, Dr. Rose uncovered a path to fertility for our family."

Kayla, Chaz & Baby C

Reviews from Clients

"Dr. Rose's work with us was a massive and unmistakable contributing factor in our ability to have our perfect baby boy who we waited so long for!!!"