Hey there! I'm Dr. Katie Rose, licensed naturopathic physician and fertility puzzle solver.

After coming off birth control at 26 and not getting a period for 6 months at a time, I was given the option to "go back on birth control or stop worrying about it." But I knew I wanted to get pregnant in the future. 

So I took my fertility into my own hands and developed a system to help my body feel safe to conceive naturally (not once but twice!).  

For the last decade I've used this system to help hundreds of couples defy the odds and finally get pregnant.

I'm Dr. Katie Rose, your new TTC BFF.

Our bodies are AMAZING & capable of pregnancy when given the right support

You don't have to be perfect OR do things perfectly to get results

You can learn to love yourself and your body no matter what is going on in your fertility journey 

I believe:

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My best stuff is all laid out in "Fertility Secrets Uncovered" the 3 Day Masterclass Series

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